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Expertise, Quality, Reliability

Family Enterprise with Tradition

By development and production of qualitative and controlled products, our enterprise meets expectation of our customers and builds a long business relation with them as well as with our suppliers based on understanding of demands and meeting them.


Who we are

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We are an enterprise specialised in high quality and demanding products of rubber, silicon and rubber/metal as well as rubber/plastic combinations. In our enterprise, we also produce proper tools for production of the named products..

With a clear vision and code of conduct to achieve long-term business goals, we constantly invest in knowledge development of our employees and upgrade quality systems as well as technical equipment. We are aware that environmentally friendly processes are values and opportunities. That is why also protection of the environment is included in our business.

Our History

Gumarstvo Šrajner d.o.o. enterprise is a family enterprise with domestic capital. Start of activity of rubber seals reaches back to 1992 to the founder Frančišek Šrajner s.p. Entrepreneurial path started with a craft of rubber seals and two employees. In 2003, the enterprise was restructured into a Ltd. And taken over by Tadej Šrajner. We emphasise the turning-points of our history.


Founder Frančišek Šrajner s.p. start production of rubber seals.


Start of production of own tools.

pričetek izdelave lastnih orodij


Restructuring of the enterprise in a Ltd., Tadej Šrajner takes over the enterprise.


First workshop.


First plastic injector


Setup of the first ERP system and obtaining of ISO 9001 certificate.


Start of construction and extension of new production factory.


Within the enterprise the WMS system was set up.


Renewal and construction of office, controlling and clearance.


Start of construction of new workshop, widening of production and total regulation of the enterprise.


Obtaining the IATF 16949 certificate. .

We today

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Vision and Code of Conduct of the Enterprise:


Zero-Error-Strategy in all fields is realised by strict following of the quality policy. We follow-up on our goals periodically and in case of deviations we take action in time.

By constant control and quality products we provide for customer satisfaction. All customer feedback is integrated in our quality system by us.

Invest in advance in development of equipment and knowledge of employees. Awareness building at employees on the meaning of motivation and awareness of accountability for quality of all employees.

Act in line with demands of ISO 14001, ISO IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 standards, what confirms our expertise and quality work.



Gumarstvo Šrajner, d.o.o.
Sv. Primož nad Muto 26
2366 Muta, Slovenija
T: +386 27 07 9900
E: info@g-s.si
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